Miniature firearms and ammunition


For sale SUPER RARE  miniature 2mm NAA Pug Cap Gun in stainless steel finish. This is number #8 of a  very rare limited edition collection. The total length is just under 2 inches. Complemented with Caribbean purple mother of pearl grips that are stunning! Hand Made from one block stainless steel! Made and hallmarked by Famous Craft Master of mini cap guns "Rosen" ...Can be modified to shoot 2mm rimfire. Mint Condition....$600.00   Call 408-218-3895




1848 Colt Baby Dragoon, 1/2 Scale
French Fit Cased with Bullet Mold, Powder Flask, and Cap Can.
 Made by Fred Thacker Serial #1
$1600  Shipping in US (included).

1847 Colt Walker made by Uberti
US Historical Society 
$ 650 Shipping in US (included).

1860 Colt #1, 1/2 Scale
Made by AguIlar Sanchez
$1850 Shipping in US (included).

Uberti 47% Scale scale 1866 Winchester Yellowboy Carbine.  $1395


Ball 2/5 M-1804 Bavarian Cavalry Pistol. $1250

Ball 2/5 scale M-1775 Kingdom Saxony Cavalry Pistol $1295

Barrett 1/2 scale 1873 Winchester Carbine. $3495
Urso Pin Fire Luger!